Woodcock Cove Donation

Thanks to help from The Access Fund’s Climbing Conservation Loan, the Southeastern Climber’s Coalition has purchased a 64 acre parcel of land that includes a mile of pristine southern sandstone climbing.

Help us pay off this loan as soon as possible so we can keep this momentum and gain access to more climbing areas throughout the Southeast.

At long last, Woodcock Cove is ready to open to the public!

Right now we have donors who have generously come forward to match all donations up to $25,000 to help the SCC complete the Woodcock Cove project.

That’s not all – it’s not your ordinary match. Now through April 1 (no foolin), for every $1 you give, the SCC will receive $3. That’s right, your dollars are more powerful than ever!

Over decades, our community has come together to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, acquire 11 climbing areas, 760 acres of land, and care for more than 40 climbing areas across the southeastern region. This is yet another amazing project that we climbers can rally around to show what we are capable of as a coalition.

Learn more about this recent acquisition here and information about Woodcock Cove here.

All donations now come with a Woodcock Cove Routes PDF. Help SCC preserve and manage this amazing climbing area!

After completing order through Paypal, select the PDF to download on the Order Receipt page. You will also receive an e-mail with your pdf (check your spam folder!)

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