Tool Drive Donation

Trails aren’t going to build themselves, and we need the tools to make it happen. Donate to the Tool Drive so we can lug the rocks, hack the brush and remove the graffiti at all your favorite crags.


McLeod – $80.00
Pick Mattock Replacement Handle – $15.00
Rogue Hoe – $55.00
Loppers – $40.00
Rock Net – $80.00
Samurai Ichigeki 13″ Curved Saw – $30.00
Metal Rake – $18.00
Chainsaw Chains – $30.00
Mini Shovel – $12.00
2-Gal Buckets – $12.00

Want to donate towards a more specific function or area of the SCC? Let us know and we’ll earmark your donation for it.

Suggested price: $5.00

Minimum price: $5.00

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